Why Us

Grayson Food Brokers brings a sharp new focus to Foodservice sales and marketing for manufacturers, wholesale distributors and food-service end-users. Our aim is to provide all stakeholders with an effective, low cost sales and marketing facility by driving sales for manufacturers through the effective servicing of foodservice distributor and end user needs.

The key drivers of our business are:

* High Ethical Standards                                   * Information andData collection

* Fiscal Responsibility                                        * Strong Customer Relationships

* Timely Response & Communication            * Monthly Reporting Structures

* Continuous Improvement Processes           * Delivering Agreed Objectives

* Distributor and End User Sales                     * Trade Shows

Ethics & Philosophy

Our values reflect all that’s best about Grayson Food Brokers. We express a code of behaviour that guides everything we do & together they embody the spirit of GFB. We believe that we have a responsibility in achieving budgets and building sustainable sales growth.


Our culture embodies many elements, it’s about always looking for new ways to grow sales. It’s about building relationships, where we treat everyone with honesty, and respect. It’s about growth, both personal & professional. But more importantly, its about faith – that if we do something right, then in the long run we will succeed together & build something great we can all be proud of.

Clear direction

Upfront, we ask our manufacturers what success looks like, and then we’re going to work backwards from there. Throughout our relationship, we make sure that there is a clear and mutual understanding of the goalposts.


We don’t openly talk about your business at the train station or at lunch. You never know who’s listening.

At the heart of it

We’re not transport managers, senior directors, marketing coordinators or warehouse experts. At the heart of it, we’re salespeople and problem solvers, we just happen to do those other things on the side to make things happen.

Why we do it

We’ve been lucky enough to represent some amazing clients and product ranges, and we love every last one of them. We figured it would be helpful if we laid this all out at the get-go to make sure our relationship with you is equally as awesome.